Are You a Troubleshooter?

Makeshifter, tenacious

& experimental?

If yes, we need you!

Be a Pea in our budding Pod.

Life at Matar

At Matar Media, we nurture a culture of teamwork, experimentation, and immersing hard work with crazy fun. As a part of our family, you'll enjoy perks like client events, career development courses, brilliant music tracks and a free & funky working environment!

#PEAS! ✌

Cultivating Relationships

We believe building rapport and reliable trust is pivotal for a happy team and clientele.

Matar Values


Be it a missing file, a miswired gear or a cross client—you troubleshoot your way and come out victorious!

Zest for Learning

We take “Learning never stops” very earnestly. We believe in constant growth and acquiring new skills. 


Be a pea in our pod!

Work with us on a

full-time basis.

Work with us on

individual projects.